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Tsim Sha Tsui East Head Office (Exit P2 – Tsim Sha Tsui East station)

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Tsuen Wan branch (Exit A – Tsuen Wan station)優尚信貸辦公室 CashingPro辦公室圖

Customer Services Center優尚信貸辦公室 CashingPro辦公室圖

Mr. Choi Hwasoo
Managing Director

“We are convinced that employees are the most important factor in the loan service of “Excellent”. For five years of operation, Cashing Pro has been led by a team of highly experienced in the loan industry to ensure that every loan specialist has the expertise and the ability to serve guests with a cordial attitude.

In addition, we will also organize different types of staff activities. In addition to enhancing our sense of belonging, we will also help to maintain their enthusiasm and dedication to serve every guest, so that each guest can get a satisfactory loan experience. “

Mr. HAN Hyoungil
Senior General Manager

“Cashing Pro has provided loan services to more than 10,000 customers in the five years since its operation. In order to continue to enhance the quality of its services, Cashing Pro will open branches in various districts in Hong Kong to provide convenient services for busy Hong Kong residents. It can be achieve the purpose of “Excellent” aim.

In June 2019, the first branch opened in Tsuen Wan’s Nan Fung Centre. It can provide convenient loan services for customers in the New Territories. “

Mr. Lee Munse
General Manager

We are expanding our business actively. We will launch our first branch in the Nan Fung Centre at Tsuen Wan on June 2019, we are also planning to recruit more staff and increase the quantity of branches in various districts in the next three to five years for cope with huge demand of loan market.


In the future, we will release more new loan programs to meet the needs of different customers. We also hope to establish a long-term reliance relationship with each customers and become a guarantee of confidence for all Hong Kong’s residents.

Cashing Pro Milestones

2019 June

First branch opened in Nan Fung Centre

2019 January

Officially launched Hong Kong
famous artist Bella lam’s advertisement
campaign in Hong Kong.

2018 January

Set up DLP (Data loss prevention) system
Upgraded online phone recording and IP PBX Phone System

2017 January

Added QR code repayment service at all 7-11 (7-eleven) convenience stores

2016 September

Developed brand new loan system, improved handling efficiency significantly

2016 April

Became a member of Licensed Money Lenders Association (LMLA)

2015 January

Moved office to Penisular Center 11/F to accommodate business expansion and growth in staff number

2014 December

Became a member of TransUnion (TU)

2014 March

Opened up various online messengers for application and inquiry, making it easy and fast to contact us

2014 January

Founded For You Loan, being the firs
t in Hong Kong to offer innovative and caring loan service to female clients exclusively

2013 December

Started to offer online application and no-visit service, allowing clients to receive loan without showing up

2013 September

Started the business with the opening of the first office in Granville Road

2013 August

Received the Hong Kong Money Lender License

2012 26th September

Completed the Business Registio, Cashing Pro Limited is officially founded


Organization Chart