How Good Flexible Repayment is?

Technological Advancement and Online Loan

17 Feb, 2021

If I started to feel the pressure of repaying the loans, what could I do?

“Where can I borrow money?”
“Where can I borrow money where my TransUnion Credit report needs not to be checked?”
“Where can I borrow money on a flexible basis?”
“Where can I borrow money for paying less interest and concentrating loan repayment?”
“Where can I borrow money with fewer requirements?”

If I started to feel the pressure of repaying the loans, what could I do? - 1

If you had friends or family relatives facing similar situations, you are suggested to give them suggestions! We know there are always more solutions than problems. Although the terms ‘borrowing money’ and ‘having no money’ seem negative, we understand everyone’s different purposes of borrowing money: fees for new home interiors, education fees, medical fees (e.g. having surgeries), immediate capital for small business, borrowing for friends and family relatives…

Unexpected events often occur in our lives, which explain why we have needs in borrowing a significant amount of money in times. However, often the problems can be solved only if you borrow money a number of times (especially when it comes to immediate capital for business).

What can you do, asking money from family relatives or friends? Even if they were willing to lend money, the amount they can lend is limited and may not pay off the significant amount of loan…

If I started to feel the pressure of repaying the loans, what could I do? - 2

Is AI Loan Approval the best way?

You may have the needs of borrowing money from personal loan companies to concentrate the loans and reduce the interests to be paid.

Currently, there are some money lending companies promoting ‘AI Loan Approval’, ‘AI Document Approval’ and ‘Calculation of interest rate which best suits your needs with AI’, which misled many money borrowers; these companies would even claim their AI can provide most appropriate loan amount, monthly loan repayment amount and total repayment period with reference to their database.

Is AI Loan Approval the best way?

However, as mentioned above, these loan companies calculate your monthly repayment amount and total repayment period with AI, meaning that these plans are fixed and lack of flexibility.

Actually, these AI results are only beneficial to these loan companies, as these so-called ‘monthly repayment amount’ and ‘total repayment period’ aim to reduce the risk of bad debts and secure future income of the companies instead of considering customers’ situation.

Cashing Pro’s Online Personal Loan

At the moment, these AI loan companies may not be able to solve your financial problems in reality, but Cashing Pro is here to help.

Cashing Pro has introduced online personal loan service which is your better choice when borrowing money, in which the principle ‘Flexible Repayment X Lower interest with Lower Principal’ is introduced to meet your needs.

Our loan interest is calculated based on the latest principal:

Cashing Pro’s Online Personal Loan

3 Advantages of ‘Flexible Repayment X Lower Interest with Lower Principal’

  1. Flexible Repayment Amount
  2. Flexible Repayment Period
  3. Flexible Repayment Frequency

Flexible Repayment Amount-Cashing Pro provides flexible loan repayment plans for customer: after settling minimum payment (monthly loan interest), customers can choose the amount of principal to be repaid. The interest in the coming month will be reduced if you settle more that amount of minimum payment.

Flexible Repayment Period-Cashing Pro allows customers decide when they want to fully repaid the loan within 60 instalments. Loan repayment is more flexible, allowing you borrow and repay fully anytime.

Flexible Repayment Frequency-As mentioned above, customers can repay the loan principal on an unlimited basis after settling the minimum repayment amount (monthly loan interest). In the next instalment, the amount of interest you are supposed to pay is calculated based on the latest principal.

3 Advantages of ‘Flexible Repayment X Lower Interest with Lower Principal’

Apart from that, you can stay home to apply and receive Cashing Pro’s online Personal Loan, and the interest you need to pay is lower when comparing most of the credit cards, bank loans and loans of personal loan companies based on simple interest calculation.

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Warning: You have to repay your loans. Don’t pay any intermediaries.

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