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21 March, 2020

「借錢梗要還,咪俾錢中介 (You have to repay your loans. Don’t pay any intermediaries.)」I believe so many audiences have been see this warning via any online and offline billboard, or listened it from TV. First of all, 「借錢梗要還,咪俾錢中介 (You have to repay your loans. Don’t pay any intermediaries.)」is created by our government. They ordered all money lender(財務公司) to add this waring in the same time with their advertisment.

The other warning:「借定唔借,還得到先好借」is also created by our government. But this is for all bank, not include money lender. Audiences can know this is money lender(財務公司) or not through this two sentences.

What is ”agency” of lender? How to know the different between money lender and lender agency ? If you paid the money to lender agency, what is the effect? The answers as below!

1. Money lender license number

All money lender should has a unique money lender license number(need to renew it every year) from Companies Registry. If you see this license number, it has indemnification!

1. Money lender license number(1583/2020 is 2021 version)

This license number need to renewal every year. If you have any doubts , you can call Companies Registry, 2867 2634. (13th floor, Queensway Government Offices 66 Queensway, Hong Kong)

Or go to their website: Companies Registry

2. Full loan amount to you

Standard money lender will not charge you unbelievable service charge.

For example, if you get the loan approval $10,000 , but you just get $7,000 finally and they explain this $3,000 is loan service charge.($3,000 loan service charge is unbelievable. Normal service charge is around $100-$200. )

Therefore, this $3,000 maybe belongs agency fee !

Because they are not the standard money lender, they are just loan agency. They use your personal information to apply other loan companies. They may do some fake documents (e.g Fake income proof) to let those loan companies approve more loan amount to you.

2. Full loan amount to you

3. Cold call and sell you the loan

This is similar with the second point. Here is talking about some loan agency’s staff will act some bank or money lender staff and sell you the personal loan.

Finally, they will not approve the loan amount to you, but they suggest you to apply other loan company ! If you get the loan amount from those loan company, you will need to pay the charge to that agency because they suggested loan company to you.

Therefore, this is agency fee !

The Credit Score is mainly to analyze your past loan records and then calculate the score.

3. Cold call and sell you the loan

Those interest of loan package is higher than other money lender in large part, their APR maybe higher than standard (60%). When you can’t afford these repayment, they will suggest you to apply another similar loan company……

Money lender agency case sharing

case1 case2

Do you want know more the case of money lender agency? You can go to these two website:

Commissioner of Police Consumer Council

To conclude, ” Everything need to make efforts, it doesn’t easy.”

If you get some suspicious phone call about the personal loan, please find the support from police !

Warning:「You have to repay your loans. Don’t pay any intermediaries.」

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