How long will the application take?

It takes 1 minute to complete the application online, and the fastest result comes after 30 minutes (if applied within office hour)

What are the qualifications needed for the application?

– 18 years old or above
– Hong Kong Permanent Resident (with 3 stars on the ID card)
– Living in Hong Kong permanently

What are the application steps?

Step 1︰Apply on website or by phone
Step 2︰Submit documents for accessment
Step 3︰Loan Approval, deliver the result by SMS or phone call
Step 4︰Sign the loan contract and receive the loan amount

What kind of services does Cashing Pro provide?

We provide personal loan, student loan. credit card loan and etc.

How can applicants apply for loan?

Cashing Pro provides various kinds of application methods, you can select the one which is the most convenient to you
。Phone-in / Whatsapp

Is there any administration fee or extra cost needed for the loan application?

No. Cashing Pro will not charge our clients any administration fee or extra cost for loan application.

What kind of documents are needed for the application?

。HKID Card (Permanent Resident)
。Bank Statement of latest 3 months
。Address Proof of latest 3 months

What is the repayment method?

Customer can repay money at any 7-11 (7-eleven) stores in Hong Kong.

Will the application be disclosed to others?

Definitely not. According to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, the personal data of clients will remain strictly confidential.

Is it possible not to visit the office for application?

Yes, it is possible not to come to our office for loan application. You can just submit the application through internet no matter when and where you are.

If the application is approved, is it necessary to visit the company to sign the agreement?

Yes. To protect the privacy of client, we need to confirm with the applicant in person before transferring the money.

How is the interest calculated?

Principal x APR / 365 days x days elapsed

Should clients have any enquiries, where can they seek help

Clients can call our hotline 2366 8859 within office hours